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About Me

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Will you Lash me? YES I DO!

Hello my name is Rose. I'm a Certified Eyelash Extension Artist

I have been a certified lash technician from Thailand since 2016 and I have taken steps to advance my education with Lash Academy in Victoria BC since 2019. I began lashing from home to solve make-up struggles for everyone. Eyelash extensions make getting ready daily something that is not a chore. Most importantly, I prioritize perfect isolation and separation, and choose extensions that are a healthy weight for you to keep your lashes happy for life. Feel confident for  your eyelashes. 


About my Lash Studio



A private lash studio located in Royal Bay, Colwood BC. My lash studio specializing in natural lash health. I will provide you with knowledge, a clean environment, and affordable lash service. 
For busy moms, on the go girls, the low maintenance woman or ladies of leisure I can customize a look for you. In the comfort of my private studio you will relax and not be interrupted. Take a lash nap for free and get your eyelashes beautiful after you wake up. 


At Philosophy beauty I practice safe eyelash extensions, only using the best and luxurious synthetic and soft lashes the market has to offer as well as a safe glue.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please give me a call or text at: 250-891-6255



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